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8/29/10 13:47:37 So it's coming down to the end of August and I am pulling out all the stops to find those droids, but we have a new enemy.  Dark Helmet.

He is an Asshole.  Lord Vader is the only one that should be in charge of the galaxy.

The final chapter of this epic battle.

8/26/10 11:43:01 Hey Super Troopers!  So in Droid Hunting we had to work on our cinematic effects for videos of us destroying the droids we are looking for.  I was looking online for great examples of film and found that someone made a silent movie of Vader and Luke "Rebel Scum" Skywalker.

I thought that it was pretty good.  Not as good as my droid hunting skills though.

8/15/2010 Hey everyone, I am finally back from the Outer Rim.  You can almost say I even hit Vector Prime.  Do remember the video of me guest starring on Family Guy?  Here it is in case you forgot. 

You don't think I am a real dude, ya, I roll like this.  Check it out.

So all let me tell, in the Hoth Summer's you need some Mesh.  This me as the fearless leader of the 501st Mountain Garrison.  You know, if I ever get back to Tatooine I don't want to have a farmers tan, those droids can tell if you don't blend in with your surroundings.

7/15/10     10:51:59 So I apologize for all the fans out there, the last month as been really busy with hunting droids and vacation.  You never saw that part in the movies did you, yeah us stormtroopers get 3 months PTO.  Well, it's really not PTO as much as hiding so Vader doesn't kill you.  Either way, who am I to complain.  This is my recreation of how I think the call went to Sidious from Vader after the Death Star blew up.  And by my recreation I mean 100% Robot Chicken.

'robot chicken star wars' Papa Palpatine @ Yahoo! Video

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