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6/20/10 14:01:21 So Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out there.  I had a dream about hanging out with my father.  I dreamt that he was enjoying a nice cold beer while cooking for me.  It was magical, we even had caught R2-D2 and that's my dad was grilling on him.  I made an artist rendering of what I thought it would be like. 

My dad's a real Galactic Hero, oh I miss TK 414.  He was a proud Lt. on the first DeathStar.  Damn Rebels.  Oh the irony, I dreamt that we had burgers grilled on R2's inside, where he really had the DeathStar plans on the inside which killed my dad.  I hate those damn Astromech Droids.

6/18/10 21:00:22 Have you ever been so hung over that it knocks you at for like a month?  Well how about 5 days.  I just was and I have barely recovered to this point now.  But never fear my faithful companions, I am back on the hunt with my determination then ever.  It's been a long week, but it's starting to calm down.  With the launch of it's been draining and I haven't had time to update both during the initial building of the other site.  I am a key contributor to that site.  Rumor has it I am the inspiration, but that can't be proven. 
6/13/10     11:03:45 So I just want to make sure we never forget the Death Star.  Forgetting that would be like forgetting Darth Vader is Luke's dad, you just don't.  It's weird if you think about that for a while, the droids we are looking for (.com) were built by Anakin Skywalker who is now Darth Vader, they come into possession by his son Luke Skywalker, so they stayed in the family, but we can't find them.  Crazy.  Anyway lets have a Hoth IPA and remember the Deathstar today, okay?

6/10/10     11:34:11 Two big happenings here, and I didn't get credit for any of them.  That's not right, I am known for greatness.  I sweat Awesome and shit Victory.  I didn't even know there was a logo to be designed but some awesome Eric S. created a pretty galactic logo.  Then this Stahlwalker unveiled another site that is just his rants and views on everything.  He even predicts things that he feels is going to happen in the sporting universe.  His main page is awesome then he has dedicated sports pages.  Check it out at
6/8/10    11:09:54 I don't want to sound queer or anything, but I think blog's kickass.  So I went droid hunting over the weekend. Found some, not the good droids.  See below if you want to check it out for yourself.  Did you know that we are looking for specific droids.  Maybe I should have paid attention in class, but that little ewok guy was so cool looking.  He was tiny.  I wanted to shoot him with my blaster for fun, but he threw a rock at me and hurt my feelings so I just laid down and cried for a little bit.  Don't judge me, it's my deathstar and I can cry if I want to .

6/5/10     20:58:21 Sorry about not getting anything new up until now.  Hunting droids takes a lot time and sometimes you can't always get to the blog when you want.  So the new website logo, which should be up and running shortly, is going to feature the picture of a stormtrooper helmet.  I am going to tell everyone I know that it is my head.  That should help me with the ladies, and if there is one thing I know, it's ladies.  Well, not really, but you can about imagine.
6/1/10     22:09:59 So Anakin Stahlwalker decided that my blog was so cool he said that he is going to start archiving my old entries.  Check out the entry on the top of the page.  I'm so pumped.  It's been a hectic time around here.  We got some new trooper kids, clone style.  But it's so weird, they all act the same.  They aren't original at all like us storm troopers are.  I am in charge of deciding the design to give the winner of the contest.  I will show you the design once I get it all posted.  Look for the design in the next couple of days.  I am going to put my picture on it somehow.  That will hopefully make me more famous the Vader.

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