Galactic Empire's 10 Most Wanted Droids


Position Droid Name Offense Punishment
10 Gonk Power Droids Tried to start the "Cult of the Power Droids" Will be tipped on their sides
9 FX-7 (or FX7) Assisted 2-1B in treatment of Skywalker on Hoth Circuit Board replacement
8 2-1B (or Too-Onebee) Treason; Doctor who treated Skywalker on Hoth Decommision
7 R5-D4 Treason; Gathered intelligence from Mos Eisley Death by stormtroopers
6 Motorola Droid Unreasonable Inter-galactic Rates; Also numerous annoying blogs about it on Internet when searching for the droids we are looking for.s Contract termination, and also DEATH by dropping into water on Kamino.
5 IG-88A, IG-88B, IG-88C, IG-88D Heavily armed, more than 150 kills. Also leader of Droid Revolution. Dismantle on sight

FLO (WA-7)


Helped Curran Caladian and Keets Freely escape from the Galactic Senate holding room Will be melted down
3 R4-G9 (Geenine) Aided Obi-Wan Kenobi to Utapau Dome cut off by buzzsaw
2 C-3PO Aiding the rebel scum Anakin brought you into this world, Darth Vader will take you out.
1 R2-D2 Accessing Deathstar computer terminals, aiding the rebel scum, transporting Deathstar blueprints Death by all the above


Pictures of the Wanted:
10. GNK Power Droid
9.  FX-7
8. 21-B
7. R5-D4
6. Motorola Droid
5. IG-88
4. WA-7
3. R4-G9
2. C-3PO
1. R2-D2
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