Sandtrooper Stephen (Tatooine Patrol)


Stephen was a stormtrooper with a bright future.  He dreamed of serving on the Deathstar and getting Vader's coffee.  But after learning that he was on the patrol that let R2 and 3PO escape, he spiraled out of control.


Gone was the hardworking imperial guard, and out came the Empire's own little alcoholic, sex addict.  The rebel alliance became an afterthought, with his target set on alcohol and hookers from the outer rim.


After missing work for several days after transferring to the AT-ST assault group, Lieutenant Arnet found the following note in Stephen's barrack...



...Stephen hasn't been seen since.


Since Stephen's disappearance Lord Vader as decided to make an example of him.  Using the motivational poster craze of Earth from the Milky Way Galaxy, Vader made is own poster to show what can happen when stormtroopers aren't focused.  The poster contains a picture of Stephen just days before he vanished.  Vader added the caption himself.

Notice the bottle of whiskey that would consume Stephen as he pondered what happened that desert day on Tatooine.  Vader's goal is to make sure other troopers follow his personal motto for droids, "when in doubt, wipe them out."


"Gordon has a theory that Vinny killed him, but this has not been proven."

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