Remedial Droid Hunting 101

This is the R2 eye.  Think of it as a bulls eye.  Not to be confused with your own eye, Gordon.


Lt. Arnet: Listen up Maggots.  This is the Empire's most wanted, R2-D2.  He is a standard issue Astromech Droid.
Lt. Arnet: He has been known to help Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, and the sexy Padme.
Lt. Arnet:  You three up front.

Gordon: I'm first.

Lt. Arnet: Shut up and study the target.

Lt. Arnet:  Hey everyone pay attention.  Get up here so you can see the poster.
Lt. Arnet:  Wait a minute, who in Vader's great butt hole are you?

Gordon:  I am Stormtrooper Gordon, all that is man.

Lt. Arnet: Shut the F up Gordon, I'm talking to him.

Stormwok: I am the experimental fighting machine.  I am the DNA of Stephen injected into an EWOK.  I am Stormwok.

Lt. Arnet: What?  We are doing that now?

Gordon: Oh he's so cute.

Lt. Arnet: I swear to Sidious I will end your shit right now Gordon.

Stormwok:  Shit, Let's kill this Bitch.

Gordon: Why are you so mean to us?

Lt. Arnet: Never mind, welcome aboard soldier.  Now, if you want to be an effective droid hunter you have to be aware of your surroundings at all times:
Lt. Arnet:  Oh crap, Vader is going to be pissed.

Stormwok: Deuces!




Gordon: Okay Pukeheads, first things first, we need rythym.  It's time to learn the Gord-erena.  Don't pay attention to anything else, just the music.


Gordon: Now hands straight out!

Newbie 1: Sir, I hear something behind us.

Newbie 2: Me too sir, sounds like a protocol droid and an astromech droid.

Gordon: Shut up and Dance.  The Galactic Ball is only a month away and my troops aren't going to embarass me.


Newbie 3: How did this dumbass become a troop leader?

Gordon: I heard that maggot.  You will never find the droids with that attitude.  I have more droid sense then you will ever imagine.

Newbie 2: I am pretty sure we just missed them.

Newbie 1: Well this is a great start to my career.  At least we have the new armor.


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