Trooper Kids

The Galactic Empire is reaching out to anyone to catch these Rebel Scum.  That's why we are proud to announce the enrollment of the Trooper Kids.  They may be half the size, but they may be able to find the droids we are looking for.

A Father's Day Tribute

The Clone Kids have R2-D2 lined up, but unfortunately they were never told how to aim.

R2 zooms right by unscathed. Only to leave the kids in tears.

Luckily the clones dad shows up and teaches the kids how to aim.

The kids form as improved and now it's time to put it to practice.

Father pulls out an Astromech Droid that he caught early, now it's time to finish him.

The trooper kids celebrate with dad after blowing the lid off of the astromech.  HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO ALL THE DAD'S.

"I might need bigger guns."


As the adult clone watched the younglings remove the droids arm, things went horribly wrong.

The droid body gets away as the adult can't stand to watch.
And now all hell as broken loose.
Sometimes the kids just need a hug.


Vader issued some new equipment for the Trooper Kids to use.  Check it out.  It's time to Search and Short-Circuit.

We now have an artillery canon and snow speeder to hunt some droid scum.

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