Rebel Scum Hiding Places

This is hot of the galatic newswire.  These are some common places that these rebel scum like to hide in.



C-3PO is been recently spotted hanging out by large gold chains.  He tries to blend in but he is not as clever as he thinks.  We see him for the Fool's Gold he really is.




We have heard that we can find R2-Disco at the night club.  He is moonlighting as a disco ball so look to the ceilings for the oil can.

He has also been trying to create decoys of himself in public.  The chrome dome came up with this clever disguise that only fooled Gordon.  This was located in Minneapolis.

He is even pretending to be a cell phone now.


This is the best disguise we have ever seen.  The only way you can tell that these are the droids we are looking for and not storm troopers is by the footprints.  One of them will have three tracks instead of two feet.  That is the only way to tell they are droids.

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