Rules for Hunting Droids

Always Follow Order 66: Eliminate any Jedi.


These are the rules you should never forget when hunting for droids.

1.    Never trust any old man you tells you that "These are not the droids you are looking for".
2.    The only good a droid, is a dead droid.  Unless that droid is helping the Empire.
3.    Blaster bullets are highly inaccurate and have infinite bullets, never let up on the trigger.
4.    Astromech droids can fly, you can not.
5.    Protocol droids will try to talk there way out of anything, no matter what blast them instead of listen.
6.    Vader gets pissed if you fail, don't fail.
7.    If you run into a droid protected by a Jedi, you will not make it.
8.    They can survive in a wide variety of climates, we have special troops for each one, don't be a hero, contact the right troops.
9.    Don't let Gordon convince you to do anything, always do the opposite.

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