Lt. Nosajmunson's Report on Droid Escape 1

As you can see by the first photo, we had the rebel droid C-3PO surrounded.  Then that little bastard R2 came in packing heat.  I didn't even know astromech droids could fire guns.  After a thorough blasting from him he proceeded to stack up the troopers and hump them into submission.  They then looked right into our security camera and taunted us.  When Emperor Palpatine found out, well let's just say we need new troopers on the bridge.


Lt. Nosajmunson's Report on Droid Escape 2

Gordon really screwed up this time.  Not only did he let the damn tin can's go once, but twice.  Rumor had it that the top two wanted were aboard.  So Gordon straight of RDH 101 was tasked to lead a scout team.  Not only did he manage to find cats, seriously why the F are cats on the Death Star v3.0, but he managed to get into a standoff with them while the droids just walked by.  After that he decided to take a break with his crew and let them go again while he ate snacks.  Looks like someone is going to RDH 102.


Lt. Nosajmunson's Report on Droid Escape 3

Recently discovered footage on Tatooine shows the droids coming up into Mos Eisley.  This is before the events shaped Stephen's future.  This is an unknown trooper as he couldn't identify him and no one is taking blame.  This as led us to promote Gordon to Sandtrooper, effective May 10.  While scouting in the desert area of Tatooine a Sandtrooper stops to investigate some cactus not aware that the droids were hiding behind a boulder a few yards away.  Obi-Wan Kenobi then sneaks up and smashes him with a boulder through the power of the force. 

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