Rebel Scum Ad Campaign

This ad campaign was created by our Political Advisor Stefan.  It is our goal to get the message of the traitors out to the galaxy.  Please take notes and make sure you report any sightings of the droid scum to the proper authorities.

The magnets on the Deathstar mega-fridge.

Nothing sets the mood like a nice candlelight letter expressing the hatred.

All troopers when getting fitted for their helmet go through an intense eye exam.

When all else fails, go to the Galactic Empire's number one show.  Star of Fortune.

Any ships over the Tatooine desert will learn a valuable lesson.

Gordon and Vinny are excellent at graffiti.

Take that Luke Skywalker.

When all else fails, we can send you a reminder through the good 'ole galactic lightspeed express.

Sign up for our email reminders.

The Galactic empire being all powerful, even resorted to text reminders just how dirty the rebel's are.

Again, nice work Stefan.

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