It's a Trap featuring Stormtrooper Stan

We have a sad news to report on the droid hunt front.  It appears the rebel alliance took a play out of our book.  It all started when we thought R2-D2 was finally ours.  He was separated across a canyon from his little buddies.

A couple of our trainee's were out with Stormtrooper Stan.  When they spotted the little wastebasket, they moved in with blasters armed and ready.

Stormtrooper Stan had the Noobs following Rule 3. Still R2 was making a break for it.

As 3PO, Luke, and Obi-Wan cheered on we thought we had R2.  Then, shit got real.  You guessed it, IT'S A TRAP.

Rule 4. Astromech droids can fly, you can not.  Poor Noob 2 didn't listen to Stormtrooper Stan's cease fire.  He lept after R2, right before he was able to grab him, the droid fired his retro rockets and flew easily to the other side.  Noob 2 as still not been found since this last picture shows him falling to his death.

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