`True Stories of Lord Vader that We Made Up

What if Vader was gay?

Did you ever wonder what life would be like if Bender from Futurama was Darth Vader?

Or Homer Simpson?

This is the story of Lord Vader at the Deathstar Canteen.  Eddie Izzard tells this story.  The security camera's were acting kinda funny so props to Thorn2200 at youtube for recreating this.


You can understand the confusion of the worker since many of you may have heard about how times are getting tough for the Empire.  But no Darth Vader is not the head of catering but that doesn't mean he isn't working harder then ever.  Even Lord Vader is having to double dip in the job market.  Besides being Sidious' right hand man, he is working part time at TomTom.

CNN.com decided to do a pysch profile on Vader but I think it's kind of stupid.  Who didn't know that Vader has anger issues.  Anyway click here to check it out.

Robot Chicken short clips with Vader.

## Chicken Robot Star Wars Video Clips @ Yahoo! Video

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