Stormtrooper Vinny Ramone

Droid Number 1 - Unknown (To be determined after reconstruction)

Hey, I'm Vinny, Vinny Ramone.  I dismantle droids, then I ask questions.  For example this guy, I don't even know his name.  I later found out he is not the droid we are looking for.   More parts to follow. 


Photo by Nosajmunson

Droid Number 2 - Astromech Droid X7-G9 & W9-T3

Hey it's me, Vinny, Vinny Ramone.  So I finds these droids and it's perfect timing cuz my NMB Droid Destroyer just arrived.  I decide to make me some new furniture via dismantling.  I finished with the beeping bitch X7 first.  Then went to work on T3.  I also had me a nice little party with my new droid cooler.  Take a look.

Photo by Nosajmunson & Anakin Stahlwalker

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